“A black man ran away from the desert, and gunman chased him. putlocker ” With that great opening line, a love for Stephen King began with hundreds of millions of readers of series books, which will later be called The Color Tower. The first book is called The Sensinger, and it was an intelligent scientific fiction / fantasy that used iconic images to start the world’s elaborate form, which is George R. R. Martin or JRR will become richer by Tacican. positive attitudeIn the following books – The Drawing of the Thiege, The Westland’s, Assistant and Glass-King will have some of his finest writings (the series will have seven books and a series of comics, but this is the starting chart whose special place is my heart). I only mention that it is not just an average movie to prevent the long “dark tower” failure in the right perspective – although it is possible as possible – to fulfill the promise of that opening line 35 years ago is a bleak chance.

Regretted and forgotten by the rumors of poor test tests, “The Dark Tower” was once one of the most important failures of 2017. Honestly, I wish it was. As such, it is more erroneous than disgusting, sometimes the type of movie that reminds him of occasionally cleansing the salts on his wounds, but above all it misses memory because this game Is there. There are two tracks – Idris Elba and Matthew McGoughemy – work well on these cultural roles, and you want to pick them up and put them in a better movie, you are not feeling trapped in the valley that you Trying to satisfy the fans of the county. Never heard of Roland and Walter. When you try to do both, the movie can not do anything


Problems start right now Someone might have thought that to make Roland the main character of the first book, the main role of the first film would not satisfy a rather wide population. And with the story of Hollywood youth who discover their bad dreams or secret mysteries, there are keys for the salvation of the universe. So, the original story of Roland (which is just in a television series, which stars Alba ), Instead our hero is indeed Jack Chambers (Tom Taylor), which is an important character in books. As with almost everybody in this movie, it’s a device, a way to promote the Expression to comply with a compulsory routine agreement.

This is what we learn about Jack’s version of the movie, which is basically reading the “Nevarounding Story” like a boy in which he constantly tries to tell people what’s going on. The two jacks are the predictive vision of Gassinger Rowland (Alba) and Man Valley Black Walter (McConaghey). He has also seen the exhibition of a large tower, which we learn is to maintain the command of the universe. positive attitude¬†Walter wants to destroy this tower, and he knows there is a child who has his power to help. Of course, the boy Jake, who has the power of the same young person between “Shining”. They can read the mind and other things that will be used to blow up the Walter Tower. “The Dark Tower” is a rough reference to King, with others, at a moment when looking up at the back of the Roland Portal (“Salvation Redemption”) and pinpoint sign after finding a “1407” number from a portal. Did I mention the portals? I got distracted It’s easy to do with this movie.

Roland, Walter and finally Jack cross the world through portals. It is not long before Jake and Roland joined, but Jack thinks that if his new archers help him save the tower or if he only wants to take revenge for the black person. Some other characters revolve around the filament of this thin piece of hell, but it is essentially a three-letter piece.

And two of them are very well defined. Alba brings a great guru to Rowland who positive attitude¬†fits well with the character, the combination of a person chases her past with the ghosts of her past and is driven to make the right way to change them. And McConaughey dances at the edge of humming in the villain’s role, to see how well he could be used with a better script and vision for the project, reining to a large extent.


Because this is the place where this tower collapses. The “Dark Tower” is hollow. He has no soul. It is a movie that has never found what she wanted, and so she was chosen to be nothing. The worst thing is that it has been significantly reduced by the reporting exams and screening test editions. There is a scene in a house with a demon that ends and g

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