Everything in the movie “Lego-movie” is really amazing.   putlocker

It’s amazing how to imagine if the “Toy Story” was forged by Mel Brooks after he ate magic mushrooms, reading George Orwell in 1984.

It’s amazing how such a stupid but wily guy, a suitable PG rating from Will Ferrell, whom you’ve been waiting for since the Elf came out more than ten years ago.

It’s amazing how to scream for the gloomy little Batman who hooked on the Millennium Falcon piloted by the clever ass Han Solo – with the crazy plastic Lando Calrissian in no time.

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Frankly, my enthusiastic reaction can be slightly distorted due to the fact that “Everything Is Awesome” is both the name and the most insidious lyrics of the musical number of a more memorable than-norovirus, whose broad camera over the legendary urban landscape is almost equally impressive, As well as the sequence of the opening of the “West Side History”. Somehow, the mean teenager took a permanent residence in my brain, piercing into the dome-shaped hole previously occupied by the theme of the Pee-wee TV show.


As a rule, I oppose the tendency in film-making based on toys, especially when the results look terribly terrible, like “Transformers”, “J. Joe and Battleship. But if these uninspired efforts were shown not only by Michelangelo, the teenage mutant-ninja, but by Michelangelo, who was the last Renaissance painter, because they are fighting for the benefits of humanity’s mutual understanding, perhaps they would also change my mind.

In addition, with so many animation power structures that have recently settled for easy money (we mean you, Pixar, DreamWorks, Universal and 20th Century Fox), it’s extremely cool that the family film of a large studio refuses to just capitalize the sales of goods, Offering a Repressive 100-minute commercial. Instead, “The Lego Movie” manages to be a powerful subversive satire regarding the lack of compliance and compliance, noting the power of imagination and personality. It can be a 100-minute commercial, but at least it’s very interesting and, surprisingly, thoughtful, with jokes that grab, crack and approach the speed of the warp.

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This surreal 3D computer-animated pop culture space, controlled by the directors / co-authors Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the talented team for “Cloudy with a meatball chance” in 2009, takes off from those countless amateur fans, Movies found on the Internet before concluding With a rather sophisticated intervention in real time.

This time too familiar plot is intended to be too familiar, like this comedic comedy accordion of almost every fantastic fiction film-comic book-pirate-cowboy cliche that exists, at least since George Lucas and Stephen Spielberg turned Hollywood into a factory of toy boys, creating a blockbuster.


Our unlikely hero is Emmett (sincerely and attractively sounded by Chris Pratt from the “Parks and Recreation” television), an unremarkable builder who is perfectly content with his usual ancestral existence as an ordinary citizen of the megapolis Brixburg. Like the custom among their peers, Emmett does not just avoid excessive thinking. He almost does not think.

But after long breaks in the workplace, Emmett appears in the underworld where the wise wizard Obi-Wan Kenobi named Vitruvius (Morgan Freeman, mocking his story of film screenings) mistakenly declares him Special, the greatest Master builder of them all. Unfortunately, what’s special is that Emmett does not exist, and he seems to be ill-prepared for a battle with a monstrous opponent. This would be the business of President Ferrell, a maniacal manipulator whose impending alter-ego master is a cunning nod in the actor’s despot in Megamind.

At the moment when the riding companion called “Bad Cop / Good Cop” begins to give out menacing threats in the Irish rumble of Liam Neeson, you know that “to free Kraken!” The joke can not be far behind. And “The Lego Movie” does not disappoint, since the villain-controller Ferrell is aimed at sticking all parts of the city in place forever – no deviation in free form was not allowed.

From there, Emmett and the potential love interest of Wyldstyle – the hard cross between the trio of The Matrix and Joan Jett, blessed by the vocal sleep of Elizabeth Banks – enter the surreal universe of Hodge Puja, where the warriors of Lord of the Rings, Star Wars characters and Harry Potter “, Superheroes, Abraham Lincoln and even the basketball star Shakil O’Neil (legacy of the 2003 NBA-sanctioned Lego set) joined forces to frustrate the infamous plan of the President of Business.

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It is not fair to disclose what happens next, except that it continues to remain, yes, surprising, despite the scarcity of female characters (toothache, Unik

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