The Ten Best Movies of 2014

This time I propose  putlocker  a simple list, with the exception of the note “Ida.” I will go back to the list and make an annotation of it as soon as my fingers recover from premature binding of tape and training, as well as other “paralyzing joys of the season” (quoted by James Eige).

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“Ida” Paul Pavlikovsky, of course, is the best film of the year. “I’m no longer worried about the power of stunts in the movies,” said Pavlikovsky and, at first, the silence and concentration of his images (The transition is set in communist Poland, in 1961) is striking; Then fascinating; Then it’s scary. Ida (Agata Tzebuhovska), a young novice ordered by her abbess to investigate her past before the orders, has a mysteriously empty oval face and wide eyes, to which the joys and sorrows of the world play. Ida, as it turns out,

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is a Jew. Aunt and real mentor Vanda Gruz (Agata Kuleza), now an insignificant state judge who had previously been a major shot at the communist regime, was twice betrayed – the murder of Polish  putlocker Jews incited by many Poles, and the transfer of postwar communist idealism to Stalin’s fraud and oppression. Of course, the film depicts a meeting of innocence and knowledge, but much more, and displays one of the most expressive applications of black and white cinematography in the history of the environment.
Other, in alphabetical order:
“American Sniper”
“The Most Cruel Year”

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“Get up”
“Mr. Turner”
“National Gallery”

“Through the snow”

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