Old Goats

Old Goats Release Date: January 17, 2014

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Old Goats is a parody that elements three elderly men playing themselves, however inside an anecdotal system. The story mixes fiction and reality. Britt lives alone on a pontoon and scans for energy and sentiment in his life. Bounce composes a book of journals about his life as a fighter, para-trooper, and shrubbery pilot, however is uneasy about uncovering his transgressions as a more youthful man. David is attempting to adjust into resigned life while living with his bossy spouse. The story is about each man’s endeavor to alter his way of life.

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In the can since 2010, Old Goats, four years after its fruition, at last gets a restricted showy discharge from the smaller than usual non mainstream studio Music Box Films.

The motion picture Old Goats has played in different film celebrations and autonomous motion picture theaters since 2011.

nature best photography by photosbykerrie Wonderful capture !!

Starring: Bob BurkholderDavid Vander WalStephen StoleeBenita StaadeckerGail ShackelBritton Crosley
Genres: BiographyComedy
Directed By: Taylor Guterson
Runtime: 91 minutes
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