Lady Macbeth

It is based on a title of clear Shakespearian echoes, whose literary origin is based on a novel of the Russian writer Nikolá Leskov (Lady Macbeth de Mtsenks of 1865, transformed in homóima opera by Shostakovich in 1934 and adapted already for the cinema in 1961 by the recently deceased Andrzej Wajda as Lady Macbeth

The pathologies of love

Hong Sangsoo has constructed with this film a fascinating parable about love. Or even better, about falling in love, that form of mental illness that clouds the view, that prevents perceiving reality as it is, which is joyful and painful at the same time, snatches and transports even crazy behaviors. The infatuation is the peculiar

The best films of the year 2014

The Chained editors choose their favorites Boyhood-0 It is clear that 2014 has been a year of very cinema. That sixty-six films in total, of the releases this year, is a very good proof of it. The winner, and outstanding, has been Boyhood, risky last experience of Linklater (one of the past directors whose work